Mark Lanier

W. Mark Lanier

Founder and CEO, Lanier Law Firm

Mark Lanier is consistently recognized as one of the top civil trial lawyers in America. For almost 40 years, Mark has taken on some of the biggest challenges in the legal field. In doing so, he has achieved some of the largest verdicts in history; accomplishments that have changed business practices to protect the public and have gained justice for the victims of dangerous drugs, medical devices, and other consumer products.

Best known as a zealous advocate for individuals in personal injury and product liability claims against major corporations, Mark brings passion, creativity, and an unparalleled ability to connect with juries in courtrooms across the nation. In addition, he has successfully represented clients in claims involving fraud, breach of contract and other forms of business litigation.

These results cumulatively have put Mark close to $20 billion in verdicts during his highly acclaimed career.

Mark’s success in the courtroom and perspectives on litigation have been featured in The Wall Street Journal, The New York Times, the Los Angeles Times, The Boston Globe, Bloomberg News, and the Houston Chronicle, among many other publications. He is also a frequent guest on news and business programs for a wide range of broadcast and cable networks.

Holding three honorary doctorates, he was bestowed the Ambassador of Peace award by the Guatemalan government. Mark is published in both legal and theological arenas and has four books, numerous published articles and two movies among his works.